My voiceover journey began with my 25+ year career in corporate learning where I jumped in on the microphone when we needed an ad-hoc voice talent in the studio. As the technology evolved, my teams did more guerilla recording, insulating a closet and investing in some good recording equipment to save money for our employer. And I became the voice talent where I discovered that I love being the voice talent! My background in elearning may be an advantage to your project but I’m the voice talent here and not the instructional designer.

I adhere to the GVAA Rate Guide for standard pricing and believe in charging a fare price for my work. I invest in education, workshops, equipment, and want to honor your important project with my best work. Here are direct links to different rate categories within the GVAA Rate Guide:

Please contact me with any questions at betsy(at) and I’m happy to chat about your project!

VO Clients


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